Snack Time

Here at the Preschool we are all about teaching the children about health and hygiene. To encourage the children to eat healthily we provide a healthy snack at each session. Some of the things we have are breadsticks, cheese and grapes, ricecakes, cheese dip and pears and pitta fingers, hummus, carrots & cucumber sticks and apples.

We do ask for a payment of 25p per session or £1 a week for the snacks. We also provide milk and water. On a Monday and Friday session, as the session is an afternoon session we will provide a lunch such as sandwiches/ crackers with cheese, vegetable sticks,  fruit and yoghurt.

The snacks are set up in small bowls in the middle of the tables, so the children are encouraged to serve themselves and pour thier own drinks. This encourages hand eye co-ordination and gives children a chance to make thier own choices. The children sit at the table with others encouraging social interaction skills.