In the Pre-school we teach the children to value and respect each other and enforce this learning in our daily activities and learning experiences. We encourage families to share their cultural and religious events with us and help us to learn more about the different families in our community.
We constantly ensure that our practice is fully inclusive in meeting the needs of all the children. We have regards for the DFES 'Special Educational Needs code of Practise'.

One of the main principles of this policy is:-

  • Early identification and action and a positive partnership between parents, children and pre-school.

The settling has a designated member of staff who is known as the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) to help identify and work with children who may require extra support. The pre-school has a system in place for supporting children through Early Years Action or Early Years Action Plus, statutory assessments and the statement process. The SENCO will set targets by using Individual Educational Plans (IEP's) for a child and review these on a regular basis. We support the parents and child throughout the process and work closely with professionals to maintain a positive partnership.

 To enrol your child in the Pre-school, you a have a few choices.

  1. Collect an enrolment form from the Preschool.
  2. Complete our online form below.


Birstall Methodist Pre-school online application form.

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